Omicron X


The elegance of textured glass with maximum non-slip safety, the SEVASA X-series is available in a range of beautiful patterns and textures. The X-series has more opacity than the T- and S-series, offering plenty of privacy and safety while allowing in diffuse light. Ideal for high-traffic, wet, and inclined exterior settings.

Specifics: Available in float and low-iron

Size: Maximum sheet size: 225 x 321 cm (Inches: 87″ x 125″)


Walkable skylights, floors, stair treads, stair landings, ramps, catwalks, footbridges, decks, patios, and terraces in high-traffic areas and steep inclines


  • The widest range of non-slip glass on the market
  • Specifically designed for proper grip and drainage
  • Can handle heavy foot traffic and inclined applications with ease
  • Use will improve non-slip properties over time
  • Interior and exterior use in both wet and dry conditions
  • Lets in the light while maintaining privacy
  • Even quality, without irregularities
  • Highly scratch and stain resistant
  • Large-scale production capacity
  • Easy transformation: cutting, beveling, curving, drilling, tempering, and laminating available
  • Manufactured in an ISO 9001 and Environmental Safety ISO 14001 facility


  • Scratch and stain resistance are not guaranteed in the event glass flooring is exposed to abrasive machinery or industrial solvents
  • SEVASA high-traffic walkable glass remains elegant and unmarred over its lifetime and does not degrade or blur
  • Proper installation is important to ensure the glass flooring performs optimally